The Plugin

Cleverness To-Do List

OptimaList is the professional evolution of an early to-do list plugin that Cindy used.

The original plugin was a simple one page plugin created in 2006, when WordPress 2.0 was the latest release. The original author disappeared and the plugin was later incompatible with WordPress 2.7. Cindy fixed it, and decided to adopt and distribute it on the repository so that others could continue to use the plugin.

Cleverness To-Do List has grown immensely since then. There’s been many new features added. During the past 5 years it’s been revised and rewritten, but what it really needs is a complete overhaul. The plugin needs some concentrated development time along with re-architecturing to add all the feature requests that Cindy has received for the last 5 years.


  • Original plugin is 9 years old
  • Cleverness To-Do List has been in the repository for 5 years
  • shows 5,000+ active installs, 57,000+ downloads
  • Over 10 add-ons already being planned


We intend to develop and release OptimaList: a completely updated and redesigned WordPress Life Wrangling Plugin. Our development roadmap includes:

  • Free main plugin
  • Free add-ons
  • Premium add-ons
  • Documentation
  • Examples/Use Cases

Community Driven, Community Supported

It takes time to build a plugin the right way, the WordPress way. It takes resources, planning, and time. Lots of time. In the meantime, we still need to pay the man, and keep food in the house. We would like to take the next six months to fully dive into building this plugin and setting up a well supported website. Cindy has maintained this plugin for five years, as a side gig, and we’d like to move it to a professional level plugin. OptimaList is really the starting point for CodeBrain Media and we’re inviting you to join in and support Cindy while she pushes this plugin forward.

What does it cost to build a plugin?

  • Extension Licenses for Easy Digital Downloads
  • Hosting fees for WPEngine
  • Domain Registration Fees Including SSL Certificates
  • Development Time for the Plugin, Docs and Website

We will be logging this entire process in a blog as we plan to open-source our methodologies used for others who are thinking about starting/launching a plugin business. Any contributions to Cindy’s development time will ultimately be contributing to the larger WordPress economy.


We plan to build this plugin no matter what. Donations will make it possible to release this plugin and add-ons sooner. Without donations, we will have to do more client work to bring in the money we need. This means a longer time until we release OptimaList.

Ideally, we will release this plugin by the end of this summer. Maybe sooner! We’re busy planning out this plugin and Cindy is ready to dive into coding soon.