The Planning of OptimaList

I’ve had a lot of fun planning OptimaList. After years of client work and not many personal projects, I’d forgotten how great it is to get to do what you want to do.

The planning is mostly done and now it’s time to begin coding. I wanted to write about this planning phase first and how we did it.


I tried out Aha! for the roadmap. It looks awesome and was fun to play around with during the free trial, but the price made it not the right fit for us.

We went with Trello for our roadmap and code-specific planning (features, add-ons). It worked out well and should we ever need it, the business plan is very affordable.

For diagrams and wireframes, I liked Lucidchart a lot. But we just didn’t have the need for it. We only needed to make a few wireframes and had no need of a monthly subscription. I’ve been using for them. It gets the job done  and it’s free.

For our costs we kept track of what we needed to buy and how much they cost with Asana. We also use Asana for general planning – the website, marketing, client work and so on.

We use Google Drive a lot for docs and spreadsheets. We also use Gmail for our company mail.

There wasn’t really a question for us on who to use for hosting. WP Engine.

I knew from the beginning that I wanted to use Easy Digital Downloads for the website store.


A lot of planning also went on in a notebook and in Slack. We tried to keep costs as low as we could during the planning phase because we knew we wanted the best for the hosting and plugins.

We’re continuing developing OptimaList while doing client work and while we’re not making progress as fast as we’d like, we get things done every week. We’re going to be developing the website alongside the plugin so that everything is ready to launch at once.

We’re excited to be able to share OptimaList with all of you!

Cindy Kendrick
Co-Founder at CodeBrain Media
Cindy is a web developer with a degree in design. She has a BFA in Visual Communications but prefers coding these days over designing. She’s been developing websites since 1996 and using WordPress since 2003. She has 10 years professional development experience. She loves creating organized and well-documented code.

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