What is an Optimalist?

Life is messy. Chaotic, disorganized, frenzied. It is overwhelming, daunting, and even disappointing. But life isn’t in charge of you. The way you look at your life and it’s obstacles to your goals is your choice.

At CodeBrain Media we view life’s tasks as chances to learn, grow, and become better people. We choose to filter life so it remains manageable, achievable. When things don’t go as planned, we don’t let that stop us – we take those moments, learn what we can, and move forward.

As optimalists, we entirely reject defeat.

What is OptimaList?

Managing life requires – well – management. At the end of the day, much of life comes down to choices. One of the most simple ways to wrangle life’s demands is leveraging the power of productive task lists.

When you break down your life goals into actionable, achievable steps, those goals are no longer overwhelming – they are immediately doable.

We’re not talking about lofty life goals either. We’re talking about the day-to-day grind of what we like to call “Life Wrangling.”

Consider how many things one must do each day, from waking up on time to getting to bed at a decent hour, while being productive, proactive, and efficient. For us, that takes a task management system. And that’s where OptimaList comes in.

OptimaList is a extensible task management plugin for WordPress. The main feature is a standard to-do list. However, add-ons will include different types of lists, multiple user lists with customizable permissions, front-end and back-end views, with fully customizable templates.

Using OptimaList with your WordPress site will allow users to wrangle all the tasks associated with their projects and life and create a streamlined workflow to do more, with less stress, and better use of time.

Leave behind the frenzied world of paper trails from unproductive scrum meetings, sprawling Slack conversations, mismanaged Google Docs and pull everything into your own WordPress site with OptimaList.

Leverage the power of optimalism and OptimaList.

This is Professional Life Wrangling.