Feeling Panicked

Did you ever try to start a new company, make a new product, take care of a 2 year old, house, and husband, and do client work while trying to go off two antidepressants and a benzo (so you can add being pregnant and taking care of a baby to all the other things you’re doing)?

Yeah, I don’t recommend it. When I have too much to do, nothing gets done. And getting behind just makes everything worse and panic sets in. Add in drug withdrawal, insomnia, and a sick toddler and you end up with negative energy and even more negative time. Oh, don’t forget my normal chronic illnesses that also eat up my energy.

Nothing has gotten done on OptimaList in the past month and I hate that fact. I’m very aware of how some of you generously donated to help Sarah and I (and now Trisha Salas too!) get going with this. I wanted to have the product out by now. Not maybe 1/3 coded.

I’m grateful though that people believe in us enough to support us. That I do have client work bringing in money. That my toddler is normally healthy and happy. That I have great co-founders to help get this company going.

It’s just hard to remember to focus on the good stuff sometimes.


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