An Quick Update on OptimaList

We have been so busy with client work the past few months that we’ve barely had a moment to breathe, much less work on OptimaList.

I did get a little more done around the end of October/beginning of November and the plugin is possible 50% completed.

For the first time since July, I have a little break in my schedule between big projects and I want to get a good amount of work done on OptimaList in the coming weeks.

Cindy Kendrick
Co-Founder at CodeBrain Media
Cindy is a web developer with a degree in design. She has a BFA in Visual Communications but prefers coding these days over designing. She’s been developing websites since 1996 and using WordPress since 2003. She has 10 years professional development experience. She loves creating organized and well-documented code.

2 thoughts on “An Quick Update on OptimaList

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